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COVID 19 difficulties with Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) – Dr Megan Smith speaking with Hugh Pym on behalf of EveryDoctor about the inadequacy of PPE provision during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK – BBC News at 6 and BBC News at 10, 28th April 2020

COVID 19 United Kingdom restrictions easing – Dr Megan Smith speaking with Jonah Hull on behalf of EveryDoctor about likely difficulties with PPE in the event of a second wave of infections – Al Jazeera, 16th May 2020

COVID 19 Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Parliamentary Sub-committee on Online Harms and Disinformation – Dr Megan Smith giving evidence to the sub-committee on the subject of medical misinformation spread via social media platforms during the COVID19 pandemic and the harm to patients caused by such misinformation – Parliament TV, 4th June 2020

Coronavirus: Patients refusing treatment because of fake news on social media, NHS staff warn – The Independent, 6th June 2020

Navigating potential minefield: a legal and practical guide to mobile medical application (“app”) development in the United Kingdom and Europe. Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine, 5:1:52–61, 2016. Smith ME.

Redesigning incident reporting systems in the post-Mid-Staffordshire era. British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 76(9):510-515, 2015. Smith ME. 

Acute, severe hypoglycemia occurring during general anesthesia in a nondiabetic adult. Anesth Analg., 2007 Aug;105(2):553-4. Ackland GL, Smith M, McGlennan AP.

Handbook of mechanical ventilation: a user’s guide. Montgomery H, Camporota L, Dlouhy P (eds). The Intensive Care Foundation 2015. Contributing author of chapters on mechanical ventilators and ventilatory modes.

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